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Dance into Your Lust

Welcome to exploring your Lust through dance, touch, kink and authentic relating in a queer friendly non-judgmental space where you are encouraged to step into a self-exploration of the multiple you! If you thought your true self was only one personality, this weekend will expand your visions encouraging you to step into sides of yourself that maybe you didn’t even know existed! 

Saturday is Dance into Your Lust - A clothes on full day workshop where rhythm and movement will guide you into pleasure and community. You can choose to join us only Saturday.

Workshop times: 11-18h

Sunday is Move into Kink - You need to participate on Saturday to join us this day where you will be guided into exploring boundaries and pleasure through kinky play such as domination and sensation play. The evening will end in a play party only for the participants of the weekend workshop.

Workshop times: 11-18

Play party: 19-22

Friday Special pre-event: Lustful Gathering for Women and Non-Binaries!

All beings identifying as women or non-binaries are invited for an evening of dance and connection before the weekend starts. Do you long to connect to other  bodies like you to build up safety and sisterhood? This night is for you to come as you are and possibly stepping out as someone else - more confident more juicy and uplifted by the togetherness!

The workshop will give you an experience of juiciness as well as tools on how to better know yourself and your sexual flow. A perfect preparation for the weekend that comes.

The intention for the weekend

During these two days we will take a deep dive together with others, with the intention to heal our relationship with our bodies and our sexuality.  

Our lust does not come from the other, it is something that lives inside of us and we just need to figure out how to invite it to flow out. The purpose of this weekend is to support you on this journey, to give you tools to listen and understand your body and not be dependent on others sexuality and how it relates to you, but for you to deeply explore what comes from you.

To arrive at this point we need to allow our full emotional spectrum. We need to release emotions and explore high intensity as well as vulnerability. When we create a safe space together where we are welcome as we are, we can let go of old patterns and open up to sexy playfulness beyond our imagination.

For who?

If any of the below statements fits on you, this might be a weekend for you:

For Saturday:

  • You love dance and want to receive tools to realize how fantastic your body can feel. (But you don't need to be "good" at dancing.)
  • African rhythms excites you.
  • You want to explore intimacy in a non verbal space where rhythm and movement guides us. 
  • You have certain connection with your body but you are longing to find a deeper pleasure and more freedom in yourself.
  • You easily get stuck in your head or in negative thought patterns in relation to your body and intimacy.
  • You have a difficulty to find your lust in the right moments.
  • You do have moments of total connection with your body, but you have difficulties getting there as often as you wish or staying in it to find your real flow.
  • You are longing for a place to explore your sexuality where there we treat everybody in the room as humans and where all sexualities and genders are welcome. 

For Sunday:

  • You either have experience or are new to kink, but is curious how to reach deeper levels of connections and more intensity.
  • You want to explore the connection between dance and power dynamics
  • You are ready to step into new sides of yourself exploring domination and surrendering as tools to deeper connection to yourself and with others.
  • You enjoy or is curious about exploring the fine line between pain and pleasure.
  • You feel comfortable listening to your own boundaries as long as people around you are respectful.

The Tools

Lisa founded Dance into your Lust using tools from ancient South and East African dances and love making rituals, but also with inspiration from Urban African dance forms, Blues and modern conscious movement practices. This in combination with tantra, conscious sexuality and kink creates a unique combo of juicy self exploration. There is also material from the Wheel of consent, Urban Tantra, and Dance Movement Therapy.


We know that Kink is a loaded word. If you are not familiar with it yet and/or are have preconceptions or fears in relation to it: this is your place to be and to tenderly and gently and safely explore the rainbow of your sexuality. There is nothing you have to do at any time, every step is voluntary.

We hold the space for you and we all support each other on this journey. However, you are at the same expected to be able to hold yourself and your emotions. If you know that you easily go in to freeze states and get stuck or the opposite, you easily get a panic attacks, please join us when you feel a little more stable. 

Practical Details

Where?  Freitänzer, Eukenstraße 15, München


June 5, Friday Special pre-event:  Lustful Gathering for Women and Non-Binaries!

Workshop times: 18.30-21.30h

June 6, Saturday: Dance into Your Lust  Workshop times: 11-18h

June 7, Sunday: Move into Kink Workshop times: 11-18h

Play party: 19-22h

Investment & Payment


Friday: 30 to 60 Euro       Saturday: 120 to 180 Euro     Saturday & Sunday: 240 to 360 Euro


Friday: 40 to 80 Euro       Saturday: 150 to 210 Euro       Saturday & Sunday: 300 to 420 Euro

What to Bring?

Wear comfortable clothes, bring towel and a waterbottle and for Sunday you may bring your kinky or sexy outfits and toys!

More Profound Info

What will we be doing? We will explore how sexuality and dance can be essentially the same thing. When I say sexuality, I mean your own sensual flow, your life force, that energy you feel in yourself when the world is perfect. What many of us are longing for is to find that flow that comes from within us, when there are no thoughts, our bodies just move by themselves and a playfulness we didn’t know we had just bursts out in the present moment. Many people wait for these moments to just magically happen to us. But instead, we can take it our own hands, feel how the music moves us into feeling pleasure. This way we can find that our sexuality does not depend on others but lives within us. It is a moment of peace that can be felt in the whole room. 

What can I expect?

This workshop will guide you to new ways of finding pleasure within yourselves and with others using dance, touch and different sensations. The most important part is to discover what you might enjoy and how to set up and respect boundaries so that you can discover the joy your body has to offer you. It is not about what you do, but the way you let yourself feel it.

To truly enjoy dance and to feel our sexuality, it is all about being in the present moment and feeling free. Only then can we come in contact with our inner sensual flow and connection with others. This is, however, hard. Instead, thoughts come up, expectations, shame and fears, stemming from the many ideas society has put upon us. It is especially hard if we have lived in environments where we have been judged for our bodies, our emotional expressions or suffered from a variety of other prejudices. This leads to many living in constant distrust, like we have to surround ourselves with a wall of protection instead of staying open. The focus of these two days is to loosen up those barriers to feel your free and expansive self.

You can expect a lot of movement and dance, laughter, tears, touch, play, communicating boundaries and stepping into personal growth. Everything starts with giving love and acceptance to each other and ourselves, when we feel belonging we feel safe. There is nothing you will have to do during this course but listen to your own needs. 

Friday is a day for only women and non Binaries. The tools and intention will be similar to the Saturday workshop but with focus on sisterhood and support. Friday is a build up for the weekend to come. 

Saturday, we will focus on building trust in the group, shake loose our bodies, dance and explore or movement from a place of enjoyment. The moment we let go of how we look and pay attention to what we feel, dance can open new doors. After we connect with ourselves we can meet others with vulnerability and openness. We will explore how we do not depend on others but how we can be the source of our own pleasure. We will also explore how we can use touch in movement to increase our pleasure while respecting the boundaries of others. Asking for what we want will be a powerful tool we will use. 

Inspiration comes from Southern African traditional dance, Blues, 5rythms, Contact Improvisation and other dance forms. Important is that when sexuality is welcome, you will relate to your body in a different way and focus on how your energy feels and share it with others as supposed to acting upon any arousal that may appear. The practice is about finding a sensual tantric flow within your full body for you to feel open and blissful and not become a subject to other people's desires.  Day one is a clothes on workshop.

Why African dance forms and Blues?

Lisa has danced Blues dance since 2007 and later lived in Mozambique for three years and still visits every year. These African and African American Dance forms has profoundly changed Lisas way to connect to her body and her emotions. In Southern African traditions there are even love making rituals where dance is used as a way to increase pleasure and connection. These teachings lie as a string base to Lisa's work.

Sunday we will step into exploring conscious kink through dance. Domination can be an incredible tool to support each other to get into our bodies, letting go of thoughts and ideas and create deeper connections between us. When done with love and respect we can discover new sides of ourselves we didn't know we had. 

We will feel into our bodies what it means to dominate and surrender and use roles and sensation play to expand our pleasure. We will also explore pleasure through finding the fine line between pleasure and pain. Asking for pain can be like receiving a deep massage, it can help us surrender and feel free. This exploration will focus on what you like and don't like, so that you can find your magic space!

Sunday you are welcome to have as much or as little clothes on as you want but it will always be your own choice and there is no genital interaction in the workshop.

The Lustful Play Party!

After the workshop on Sunday all participants are invited to put on their sexiest gears and we will guide you into an exploratory dance and play space. Be yourself, dance, try want you have been longing for or crash in the cuddle corner and just observe, it's all up to you <3

We will have play angles holding the space during the evening.

Is this a sex workshop?

This is a place to explore your sexuality not a place to look for sexual partners even though it might happen as part of the flow. You are invited for an experience but also to receive tools to grow, this is not a place to fill your neediness for touch. There will be touch and interaction and your own sexual flow and expression is always welcome; however, there will but no direct sex or genital touch as part of this course.  When the focus is on your own experience and connection is built up in the group, you will soon realize that trust matters more than sexual attraction when doing exercises with different people. You can always choose to take part or step aside in every exercise. 

Is this therapy?

In this course, all emotions are welcome; whatever comes up, there is no judgment. This is not a therapeutic session, but it will have healing effects. As a group, we will take care of each other and there will be an assistant for emotional support. As a participant, you are responsible for your own emotions and to listen to your own needs at any given moment. If something comes up, the group will hold you, but if you experience getting heavy anxiety or panic attacks, you can step aside and we welcome you back when you are feeling more stable and ready.


Consent is the foundation of any work we will do. It is hard to know what other people want; it is hard to know what we want; it is hard to communicate what we want; it is hard to say no and it is hard to say yes. In other words, no one can ever have enough practice on consent. We reserve ourselves the right to deny or restrict anyone's participation in the course in case they are not respecting the boundaries of others. 


The tools for this course have inspiration from Southern and Eastern African traditional dances, Blues, Dance Movement Therapy, Tantra, Bodywork, Meditation, the Wheel of Consent (tm), Motivational interviewing and somatic Experiencing.


People or groups I have learned from or admire and take inspiration from: Hodi Dance Company - Moçambique,  Betty Martin (US), Carl Johan and Jennie Rehbinder (Swe), Zahava Griss (US), Master Berlin (Swe), Aurora Jelena Georgijevic (Swe), Lorenzo Stiernqvist (Swe) and Julieth Chuwa and all the African mothers I have met from across the continent (at least from Moçambique, South Africa, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana)

Workshop Leader

Lisa Josefsson
Dance, Lust and Embodiment Coach

Lisa works as a dance teacher as well as a movement and intimacy coach and aims to change the way the world perceives sexuality. As a queer and gender fluid, Lisas main goal is to bring people to an embodied experience of feeling that our lust and pleasure is born from within us instead of coming from the other.  We can invite and allow joy and ecstasy, as supposed to waiting for people  to bring it to us. Pleasure can never be lost at the end of a relationship or encounter; it lives inside of us in abundance.

After 10 years of exploring different dance forms such as Blues, Swing, Contact Improvisation and traditional African dances, Lisa discovered her own connection between dance and pleasure. She had by then spent three years in Mozambique, a Mecka of people who embody their sexuality and sensuality through dance and also studied traditional love making rituals.

Already working at RFSU as a sex educator Lisa took journey into exploring Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, the Wheel of Consent (™), Dance and movement Therapy, Gender Fluidity and Kink, to deepen her understanding of themselves and how our life can be understood through our body.  

Lisa is based in Stockholm and facilitates different combinations of movement, touch, sexuality and kink through individual coaching sessions, in group intensives and at festivals around the globe.

Lisa’s thanks their embodiment journey to the dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing in Mozambique and her African Sex Magic mentor Julieth Chuwa from Tanzania.

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Organized by

Isabelle Cohn
Lisa Josefsson